SK Computer Laptop repairing Solution was established in the 15 year, has reached the pinnacle of success in laptop motherboard chip level repair. Laptop motherboard repairing is rendered with the highest accuracy and with genuine chips. SK Compter has its own lab which is one of the finest and most advanced chip level repairing labs in Hapur. The entire chip level repairs are done using special debugging tools. advanced BGA and SMD removing or repairing techniques. These provided services are  chip-level repairing guidelines. Due to its expertise in the chip level repairing domain, SK Computer Laptop Repairing Solution is able to cater to the most trusted motherboard chip level repair firm in Hapur and gain a reputation among the customers.

        We repair on all models of laptop motherboard of the leading laptop brands. The service engineers check the motherboard in front of the customers and confirm the exact problem of the motherboard to the customer. They also confirm to the customer how much it will cost to repair the motherboard. The repairs are undertaken according to the needs and demands of the customers and are delivered on time. The quality of service and maximum precision makes us the most trusted laptop motherboard  chip level repair brand in Hapur.

For repairing the laptop motherboard the customers need to call at 09045924015.

Repair following motherboar problems.

  • Laptop dead or no power
  • Power on but no display
  • Blank Screen or dim display
  • Laptop over heating problem or auto shutown 
  • Usb port not working
  • Touchpad not  working
  • Keyboard not working 
  • HDD not working
  • Battery not charging 
  • Audio not working