About Us

Laptop and Desktop repairing Chip Level in Hapur is one of the Best services from SK Computer Hapur.

      we are dealing in repairing of Laptops and notebook computers and Desktop Computers . we have a specialization in Chip level repairs for all major brands Like Dell, Hp, Lenovo, Sony, Asus, Acer, Apple, Samsung etc.,

     we use the latest Machines and software tools to troubleshoot and up and running all laptops chip-level problem we have a ready stock of all laptop spares and accessories to provide fastest services possible

       we are the top service provider in local search engines like Google and Bing, Justdial for laptop repair & services.

Laptop Repairing Problems 

  • Laptop start up problem (No power on)
  • Laptop display problem
  • Laptop noisy and internal cracking sound
  • Laptop running / booting slow
  • Laptop over heating problem
  • Laptop charger or adapter repair
  • Laptop Factory OS, windows recovery and restore
  • Laptop Software’s or anti-virus installation
  • Laptop Data backup, Data recovery and restore
Desktop Motherboard Repairing Problems 
  • Desktop Motherboard No Power
  • Desktop Motherboard No Display 
  • Desktop Motherboard Hang Problem 
  • Desktop Motherboard Slow Working 
  • Desktop Motherboard No Sound 
  • Desktop MotherboardUSB Port Not Working
  • Desktop Motherboard Shorting Problem
  • Desktop Motherboard Componnet Burning Solution 
  • and any other problems for this repairing solution in sk computer hapur. 

Data Recovery 

  • Damaged HDD Data Recovery
  • HDD not Detection Data Recovery
  • Currupt Data Recovery Solution
  • Formated HDD Reovery Solution
  • Deleted Partition HDD Data Recovery Solution
  • HDD Encrypted Data Recovery Solution 
  • any other problems solve and complete data recovery Solution SK Computer  in hapur

Laptop Repairing in Chip Level

SK Computer Laptop Repairing Solution in Hapur. any brands for repairing Toshiba, IBM / Lenovo, Sony, HP, Compaq, Dell,Acer,Asus and many more….
Desktop Repairing in Chip Level

SK Computer Desktop Motherboards Repairing Solution in Hapur. any brands for repairing , Intel/ Lenovo, gigabyte, HP, Asus, Dell,Acer,Foxconn, Zebronics,Chinese boards  and many more….

Data Recovery Solution

SK Computer Data Recovery Solution in Hapur. Damaged HDD Data Recovery, HDD not Detection Data Recovery, Currupt Data Recovery Solution, Formated HDD Reovery Solution, Deleted Partition HDD Data Recovery Solution any Problem Complete Data Recovery .